“Nothing significant happens without effective leadership. Ambassadors of Compassion builds leaders. That’s why I’m involved.”

Spencer Tillman

Captain of the Super Bowl XXIV Champion San Francisco 49ers, NFL and College Football Analyst, Fox Sports

“The Ambassadors of Compassion Journey adds that missing component of developing character. It develops kids from the inside out. In my 25 years working with complex students, these (the Ambassadors of Compassion Program) are the most positive results I’ve ever seen from a program like this. It prepares students to learn and helps them develop the character and social traits that support their transition into adulthood.”

Dr. Wayne Hammond PhD

President and CEO, Resiliency Intiatives, Adjunct Associalte Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“I grew up in a very tough part of Chicago and I know how important it is to build into the lives of our youth. Ambassadors of Compassion’s leadership model – Train, Measure, and Honor – produces lasting results and changed lives.”

Jerry Colangelo

Former Owner - Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks, led USA Basketball to Gold Medals at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics

“I believe the Ambassadors of Compassion Football Program will be the fuel that ignites the passion to begin and the perseverance to finish for thousands of players. I’ve seen the results and they are stellar!”

Gene Bedley

National Outstanding Educator Of The Year, Founder/Executive Director, National Character Education Center