AOC Football Edition Curriculum Overview

The AOC Football Leadership Edition is a twelve-session, coach-led, interactive program that equips your players with character, resiliency, and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges by imparting critical life principles that are essential for them to reach their full potential.


L – LABOR (Understanding the role that labor plays in our lives, recognizing the needs of others and the needs within our community, and taking action to help).

I – INFLUENCE (Recognizing that we are influenced both positively and negatively by the culture and people around us, and acknowledging that we ourselves influence others).

F – FORGIVENESS (Discovering that forgiveness is a process, and understanding and experiencing the freedom and power that comes from forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, and also asking for forgiveness when we offend others).

E – EXPERIENCES (Exploring the importance of building on our life experiences and those of others, facing and letting go of negative experiences in order to help us reach our full potential in life).


The AOC Football Leadership Edition incorporates a Pre and Post Survey that provides an understanding of each player’s resiliency. It gives coaches a simple tool to use throughout the AOC Football Journey and helps players build upon their strengths during and after completing the program.


Each session begins with a summary statement regarding the session’s topic, and then moves to:

  • Ask Yourself questions (where players examine the topic by personally answering related questions).
  • Think About This statements (for group discussion regarding character, competencies, and leadership knowledge).
  • Notable Quotes (that examine what other people have to say about the topic).
  • Calls to Action (for individual player engagement for life applications).

Length Of Journey

The AOC Football Leadership Journey incorporates a 12-session player’s journal  and can take up to 17 weeks to administer when the students meet once per week for one hour.  Combining some sessions to best fit the needs of your team may be done as needed without sacrificing the program objectives. The Program can also be extended to fit the scheduling needs of your team.

Key Elements:

  • Kickoff Event
  • Coach-guided sessions
  • Pre and Post Resiliency Survey
  • Group Service Project and an Individual Personal Service Project
  • An Honor Event upon completion


  • Streamed Kickoff Event (or optional “live” Kickoff)
  • Individual AOC Footbal Edition Journals
  • Online AOC Coach Manual (step by step instructions for presenting the Journey)
  • A Thriving Mindset template to guide Coaches in use of Resiliency survey data.
  • Online videos to introduce each session
  • Each player takes a personal inventory in Session 1 and a follow up inventory in Session 12 (this inventory is in addition to the Pre and Post Resiliency Survey)
  • Honor Event instructions
  • AOC Football Edition Diploma templates